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Top Paying Google Adsense Keywords List

Here is a list of free top paying keywords for google adsense. Rates given here is the average for top three postion, updated 19th November, 2006. The high paying keywords provided here is just for keyword research and analysis purpose. We are not affiliated with google or google adsense in anyway.

Please note that the rates given are what publishers pay google for top spots on google search results page. Rates for partner sites will be much lesser. Also google takes a good cut before passing it to the publisher. However the rates are true indicators for the earning potential for any niche.

I hope the information will be useful for webmasters doing keyword research for adsense and adwords. I have tried to include all possible high paying niches. This data can be used to create a MFA spam site :) or as basic info for something useful! Enjoy the list of highest paying keywords!

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austin dwi attorney $58.30
san diego dui attorney $54.56
houston criminal attorney $47.44
san diego dui $42.83
dwi texas $40.89
dui attorneys $40.19
dwi attorney $39.90
dui attorney $39.11
dui attorney $39.11
dui attorney $39.11
dui lawyer $38.49
lawyer dui $38.49
dui lawyers $37.57
federal criminal attorney $35.80
car accident lawyer $35.67
dwi attorneys $35.32
criminal lawyers $34.19
new york criminal attorney $33.95
auto accident attorney $33.19
auto accident lawyer $33.13
dwi lawyer $32.31
dwi lawyer $32.31
texas dwi law $31.02
car accident attorney $30.16
car accident attorney $30.16
california tax attorney $29.56
dwi in minnesota $29.37
motorcycle accident attorney $28.93
washington dui $28.38
lemon law attorney $28.25
lemon law $27.95
help attorney $27.92
injury lawyers $27.88
dallas dwi $27.68
wrongful death attorney $27.25
mesothelioma attorney $27.20
personal injury lawyer $26.72
san diego personal injury attorney $26.58
accident lawyer $26.55
personal injury attorney $26.32
personal injury attorney $26.32
tax attorney $25.83
tax attorney $25.83
alaska lawyer $25.77
minnesota dwi laws $25.75
federal lawyer $25.72
dallas personal injury attorney $25.58
lawyer injury $25.16
death lawyer $25.11
More Legal Keywords ..


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student loan consolidation $39.45
auto insurance quotes $39.24
online insurance quotes $37.63
student loan information $37.32
equity loan rates $36.53
nj auto insurance $36.31
student loan consolidation center $35.89
debt consildation $35.83
chase credit cards $35.02
student loan refinancing $34.89
discount car insurance $34.34
life insurance quote $34.26
homeowners insurance quotes $33.61
mortgage loans $33.17
mortgage loans $33.17
mortgage refinancing $33.08
equity line of credit $33.05
college loans $32.91
best mortgage rates $32.65
student loans $32.54
loan refinancing $32.44
us mortgage rates $32.38
instant insurance quote $32.37
term life insurance quotes $32.11
consolidation loan $32.03
loan refinance $31.95
car insurances $31.92
safe auto insurance $31.82
insurance auto florida $31.38
auto insurance $31.38
equity line of credit $30.71
gmac mortgages $30.46
mortgages for self employed $30.45
car insurance california $30.17
in car insurance $29.84
best mortgage $29.53
refinancing mortgages $29.43
line of credit $29.27
prequalify loan $28.98
loans com $28.75
business credit report $28.40
whole life insurance quotes $28.17
new york auto insurance $27.72
online mortgages $27.71
student loan $27.61
cheap house insurance $27.45
low cost life insurance $27.25
school loan consolidation $26.99
citi credit $26.80
manhattan mortgages $26.70
school loans $26.61
term insurance $26.58
second mortgage $26.56
credit report com $26.48
auto ins $26.21
consolidation $25.90
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landlords insurance $25.46
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More Web Hosting & Domain Name Keywords


medifast weight loss $48.18
mesothelioma lawyers $44.45
medifast diet $36.28
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accutane class action $30.12
viagra for women $27.71
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mesothelioma texas $19.33
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More Medical Keywords ..


eugene realestate $27.69
realator school $15.60
find a realator $11.91


software escrow $31.24
billing software $19.35
human resources software $17.78
spy sweeper $17.21
accounting software $15.90
spyware detection $15.46
small business software $14.87
inventory management software $14.38
pestpatrol $14.24
optimization software $14.19
webroot spy sweeper $13.83
payroll software $13.73
spam software $13.49
webroot spy $13.43
spy sweeper download $13.38
software mirroring $13.12
fundraising software $12.81
software configuration management $12.53
great plains software $12.20
software distribution $12.14
web survey software $11.97
backup software $11.75
risk management software $11.63
antispam software $11.53
software management $11.32
video conferencing software $11.19
market research software $11.04
business software $10.50
spyware removal $10.49
spyware remover $10.09
spyware blocker $10.09


sprint cell phone accessories $25.44
sprint cell phone $19.99
nextel cell phone $18.86
sprint phone $12.81
matrix cell phone $12.25
cell phone sync $11.12
at&t cell phone service $11.01
international cell phone rental $10.49
rental cell phone $10.12
sprint cell phone service $10.07
singular wireless $21.81
cingular wireless $17.26
wireless crm $15.13
cordless vacuum $13.80
wireless credit card $13.62
wireless credit card machine $13.49
wireless credit card processing $12.63
att wireless service $12.39
wireless pos $12.20
cingular wireless plans $11.27
att wireless $11.17
aircard $10.92
verizon wireless com $10.18


auto insurance quote $57.18
auto quote $45.01
auto insurance quotes $39.24
nj auto insurance $36.31
auto quotes $33.13
auto insurance ontario $33.07
safe auto insurance $31.82
insurance auto florida $31.38
auto insurance $31.38
auto accident attorney $29.51
michigan auto accident $29.04
san antonio auto $27.92
new york auto insurance $27.72
austin auto $25.47
auto insurance ca $23.03
mercury insurance auto $21.03
auto nation $20.77
auto refinance $20.56
auto refinance loans $20.16
las vegas auto $18.23
philadelphia auto $17.75
auto insurance canada $17.74
auto owners insurance $17.59
denver auto $16.98
auto accident $15.15
auto comparison $15.04
auto loan rate $14.44
auto $13.40
auto glass $12.19
auto loan $11.68
auto loans online $11.50
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auto rental $11.29
new jersey auto $11.23
auto warranty $10.93


wynn casino $21.29
suncoast casino $16.58
online casinos $14.63
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tropicana casino $11.75
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wynn casino $21.29
hold everything $20.56
online casino $12.80
tropicana casino $12.27
monte carlo resort and casino $10.51
monte casino $10.25


laptop data recovery $23.60
vaio notebook $22.88
laptop pcs $18.85
computer notebooks $18.49
sony cyber shot dsc w7 digital camera $17.61
laptop computers $16.18
notebooks $13.79
rugged laptop $13.55
pc laptops $13.43
laptops $13.34
vaio laptop battery $12.56
toshiba laptop computers $12.07
macintosh laptop $12.00
laptop notebook $11.51
notebook pc $11.48
laptop mounts $11.32
notebook computers $11.31
vehicle laptop $10.32
dsc p10 digital camera $10.05


singles in las vegas $20.95
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albuquerque singles $12.32
pensacola singles $12.19
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