Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tracking Adsense Clicks

Where does your traffic come from?

I know, most of you would be using google analytics or a similar program to track the visitors. That must give you a nice graph breaking down the vistitors by referer, location etc.

Now, how well each of these referers convert? Does your search engine referels click more than repeat visitors?

Ever wondered if all those cheap traffic you are buying is really worth? Do they ever click the ads??

Yes, most of the bigger publishers will require some sort of tracking for their adsense ads. Unfortunately, google doesnt give any info about the referers, location etc. of the clicks.

Here is a look at few adsesnse tracking solutions.

1. asRep
asRep is a great helper application that provides lots of information connected to the AdSense activity on your pages that Google does not provide.

Reports that Google does not offer
# : asRep provides the breakdown of the stats for : The domains, directories, and pages of your web sites
# The referrer domains, pages, and search terms
# The visitor IPs and countries
# The AdSense ad unit colors and formats
# The URLs of the clicked ads
# The topics of the clicked ad links
# The search terms submitted through AdSense search boxes
AsRep is available in both PHP and Perl and is easy to install. It cost $50, but is worth the money, if you are earning reasonably well from the adsense.

2. Free Adsense Tracker

This article explains how to track the adsense clicks using a simple free javascript code and google analytics. This may not be as detailed as the commercial applications, but it is FREE!!

Ideal for webmasters with smaller sites.

3. AdSense Gold

if you dont mind spending $97 for a good tracking program, this one is for you.

A lot of details, this oneis pretty good. The site looks spammy and makes all sort if stupid claims- but I must say the program is pretty good. You may better ignore the other marketting gimmics and newsletters from the site.