Monday, September 18, 2006

Best Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

Adsense revenue sharing sites are getting popular nowadays. Many people wonder if it is against adsense TOS. The short answer is NO. Many of the revenue sharing sites contacted google, and the response they got was positive.


Simpy is a social bookmarking service. Members can save, tag and search their bookmarks
and notes or even see other members bookmarks.

Simpy members can add google adsense on their pages and take 100% of what it earns!

2. Digitalpoint

Digital point is one of the biggest webmaster resource site. They have implemented adsense revenue sharing for the forum. Users get credits for posting on forums, starting a new thread etc. Based on the number of views their post gets, their ads are exposed to other members. Members never get to see their own ads on digital point.

3. Senserly is a community website, specially for adsense publishers. Adsense ads are displayed next to the members content. With good blending of ads, publishers can expect a good CTR.

4. Joomlaya
Joomlaya is a popular joomla!/mambo download portal. They have joomala downloads, articles and forums.

For articles and forum postings, joomlaya displays the adsense ID of the member, 75% of the times.

5. workfromhomespot

Work from home forum is a discussion board for anythign related to working from home. Revenue sharing starts after 50 posts has been made by a member. One out of three ads shown on threads started by a member will carry members adsense ID.

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dave said...

Here is another adsense revenue sharing site. And it give you free advertising, too:

Rajiv said...

Adsense revenue sharing websites are fantastic.They keep our adsense earnings ticking over all the time...

The number of sites allowing this are many as of now and here are some which i found them to be useful..

Before you join any such site just check the page rank of the site to know how popular the pages posted on such sites can become....

For example of all the revenue sharing sites, has the highest page rank of 7 with following closely with 6.

Alek said...

Interesting sites but... do most of them actually still work? I guess any revenue stream is better than nothing...

David Givoni said...

Our site,, has just launched a revenue sharing program as well using Google Adsense.

It's a question and answers site about IT and you can earn money by answering other peoples questions.

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andri said...

wow this article can motivate to earn higher. but howwww?????

Anonymous said... is also another adsense revenue sharing site which shares 90% of revenue with the members.