Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Top Paying Holidays Keywords

Now with holidays around the corner, here is the top paying holidays related keywords for you:

holiday quotes $17.02
christmas quotes $14.01
holiday cards $6.03
holiday inns $5.79
holiday express $4.69
corporate christmas gifts $4.30
christmas cards $4.29
christmas spectacular $4.26
christmas card $3.68
christmas radio $3.55
holiday hawk $3.41
the new year $3.97
vacation rentals $3.17
holiday photo cards $3.10
photo christmas cards $3.08
holiday valley $3.07
christmas greeting $2.99
last minute flights $2.93
ford holiday $2.92
holidays $2.89
holiday card $2.83
holiday greeting cards $2.83
holiday gift baskets $2.82
christmas gift baskets $2.77
christmas lighting $2.74
family holidays $2.61
holiday greeting $2.53
santa claus suits $2.39
vegas new year $2.22


Fatherspirit said...

What a great blog you have!
Thanks for the tips!
And for your comments at Digital Point forums!
I learn a lot from you!


Forsaken said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't top paying google keywords a myth. No body can really determine the algorithm google uses to assign value to the keywords, except for its top-level employees, maybe...

Anonymous said...

how about updating your site from the last 2 years???

Crazyhorse said...

thanks for the tips! you are doing good!

Tanis said...

Thanks for nice post but how i can find current bids for given keywords.

Anthony said...

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